Market Maker For the Chemical Industry

Exacta Chemical markets a wide variety of chemicals to industrial consumers and distributors, dealing primarily in truckload, tank-truckload, and railcar quantities. We take title to what we sell and control the logistics for on-time deliveries.

We market a wide range of high quality products from domestic and international sources. Our customer base is also multi-national. We work for both producers and consumers, balancing supply and demand. We provide sales options for producers when additional routes to market are warranted and supply options to customers during times of need.


One unique aspect of our business is our focus on developing markets for by-products, obsolete materials, recovered products, and off-specification materials. We might just discover a use for a special material that was never seen before!


We've become known for our innovation in creating markets, just as we have for our approach to our core business, offering prime products of the highest quality at excellent prices and backed by superior service. Our response time to suppliers and customers is unmatched.